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Z06/LS7 OEM Oil System Enhancements

The OEM LS dry sump systems as delivered is suitable for general driving conditions, but suffers from 1 modest deficiency and one serious failing which can lead to significant engine failure under sustained severe driving conditions. Our solutions for these problems with the OEM system elevates the effectiveness of the OEM components to the level of the delivered vehicle even when modified for additional handling and acceleration at a modest cost and without replacement of any of the OEM components.These solutions consist of an oil pan baffle and trap assembly with it's own unique windage tray, and a baffle and vent insert for the OEM tank. This should be suitable for most installations, although there are always levels of beyond which a traditional dry sump system would be required. The primary failure of the OEM system is to provide consistent return of oil from the engine sump to the tank. The open, unbaffled bowl shape of the sump fails to deliver the oil accumulated in the sump to the scavenge pump pickup when the vehicle is driven for an extended period in an aggressive manner. It's a bad wet sump pan. Under acceleration and deceleration oil runs up the ends of the sump, climbing the ends of the sump through the windage tray and right into the reciprocating assembly. Similarly under cornering the oil climbs the sides of the pan with the same effect. If you do the math, that assembly at 7000 rpm is a 200 mph tornado at the perimeter. Oil coming in contact with these components is atomized, making it impossible to scavenge. At the same time the energy imparted to the oil molecules to move them out of the way of the crankshaft is converted to heat. As this oil becomes trapped in the crankcase, not returning to the tank, the pressure pump continues to push more oil into the engine, and draining the tank. Eventually the oil level in the tank drops to a point where the pressure pump pulls air, causing eventual damage and then failure of the engine due to oil starvation. The AVIAID solution is the same that we have been using in the road race, circle track drag race and marine pans since 1961. A trap door assembly surrounding the pickup holds oil around the pickup so that it can be scavenge back to the tank. A new windage tray replaces the stock part, improving oil fallout from the crankcase, promoting coalescence of the oil back into a scavengable liquid, and providing a relative calm area where oil can re-coalesce and be scavenged back to the tank. The oil tank insert completes the work that GM has done in building a dry sump tank. We provide the baffle and venting mechanism that was left out of the OEM tank. The baffles in the assembly help stabilize the oil in the tank, helping it resist the vehicle motions that toss it around the inside of the tank, and providing more consistent coverage of the tank pickup in the bottom. One symptom mentioned repeatedly by Corvette drivers is the tendancy for the engine to lose oil pressure during a sustained left hand turn. This is a direct result of air siphoning through up to 3 inches of oil into the tank pickup when the level has been lowered as a result of the inability to recover oil during sustained hard driving. The pickup is essentially a hole in the bottom of the left side of the tank when viewed from the driver's seat. In a left hand turn unbaffled oil tends to climb the right side of the tank due to the centrifigal force of the turn. Do it long enough with a lowered oil level in the tank and you suck air. Additionally oil flowing across the baffle surfaces tends to release air that is trapped in the oil. Additionally oil sloshing around the tank will have a tendency to be carried out of the tank by the natural flow of air pumped out of the engine into the tank. This oil carries over into the intake manifold through the OEM venting system, fouling the intake plenum and intake air charge. The AVIAID solution puts baffles into the tank to help combat excessive movement of oil in the tank. It also helps break up oil siphon at the pickup, and maintains a more effective cover of the pickup with oil under all operating conditions. Additionally a defined and controlled vent path is provided out of the tank making effective use of the air/oil separator components in the baffle and tank to reduce or eliminate oil carry-over into the intake. A relatively simple, passive oil control system requiring no replacement or reconfiguration of OEM components and maximizing the effectiveness of the factory system withing the limitations of those components and suitable for all but the most severe engine lubrication requirements.


159-59502-03 LS7/9 Oil Pan Trap & Baffle Assembly
The fabricated steel trap assembly bolts into the floor of the OEM LS7 and LS9 sump using 3 studs. Trap doors allow oil to flow into the trap area around the pickup, but don't allow it to flow out. This process takes place regardless of the motion of the vehicle, insuring that oil is scavenged back to the tank. A fabricated windage tray bolts on top of this trap assembly. With effective scavenge of oil from the sump, oil pressure is maintained under all operating circumstances, temperature is reduced by eliminating excessive windage and reciprocating assembly interaction, and horsepower lost through excessive windage is recovered. The only modifications required are 3 holes drilled in the floor of the sump. A steel template is provided to assure proper location.

Price: $249.50
SKU# 159-59502-03



110-51007 LS 7/9 Dry Sump Tank Insert
OEM Dry Sump Tank Baffle and Vent Insert for Factory LS7 and LS9 dry sump tanks. Works in all tanks including late model expanded tank and tanks modified with additional capacity piggybacked expansion tanks. Horizontal baffles provide stabilization and deaeration of oil, resisting tendency of oil to rise along sides of tank during hard maneuvering. Helps prevent oil siphoning of air into tank pickup under low level conditions. Also provides controlled air vent path through center column into tank lid.

Price: $249.95
SKU# 110-51007




LS7/9 Dry Sump Tank and Pan Package

Package includes 159-59502-03 Oil Pan Trap & Baffle Assembly and 110-51007 LS 7/9 Dry Sump Tank Insert in a single package for cost effective domestic and international air shipments.

Price: $499.50
SKU# 110-51010




LS 7/9 Oil Pan Gasket
OEM LS7 & LS9 replacement oil pan gasket.

Price: $92.85
SKU# 115-12612351




OEM Auxilary Scavenge Pump Kit
Single stage auxilary scavenge pump kit, including 1.50" pump, oil pump bracket w/ hardware, 2 custom oil pan pickups, fixed serpentine tensioner, dual drive tensioner pulley, gilmer drive oil pump pulley, gilmer belt, dry sump tank return bung with inlet fitting. Kit more than doubles scavenge capacity of the stock Z06 scavenge pump as well as a 2nd pickup point in the pan, providing significantly more efficient scavenge for reduced residual oil in the engine and increased vacuum in the crankcase.

Price: $1,166.42
SKU# 103-LS OEM 1 Stage Kit



124-15-5001 ls pan adptr.jpg

124-15-5001 LS7 Oil Pan Fitting Adapter -12
Billet adapter will allow conversion of stock LS7 dry sump lines to standard -12 AN lines. This allows the use of non-OEM dry sump tanks with the stock LS7 OEM dry sump system. Plate bolts into stock bolt holes in sump and adapts 2, -12 AN Adapters for the inlet and outlet lines to and from the tank. The front port is the return line from the internal OEM scavenge pump to the tank. The rear port is the supply line from the tank to the internal OEM pressure pump.

Price: $124.10
SKU# 124-15-5001


103-1442 Z06 1 Stage Kit
This kit includes a 1 Stage Non Regulated Pump, Pump adapter with hardware. LS OEM Pick Replacement and AUX Pick up. Katech Tensioner, Serpentine Idler Pulley along with a Gilmer Pulley, Belt, Weld Bung and Fitting. A Tank Insert and a Pan Trap Assembly.

Price: $1,682.09

SKU: 103-1442